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The best sleep position is sleeping on your side, drawing your legs up slightly toward your chest and resting your the upper leg on the body pillow. Books: Thomas and Friends
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It is hypoallergenic Built-on pillow cover with ‘Kool-Flow’ technology Coping With 8 Common & Uncomfortable Side Effects of Pregnancy Sarah Parker
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VIP Price Available – Best Cooling Pillow Reviews Of 2016 Unbiased Ratings & Comparisons Based on 25,112 Consumer Experiences Good sleep is essential to a smooth, healthy pregnancy, and so many women rely on pregnancy pillows to help them get it—because they work!
Capella Tabletop & Kitchen Quick Navigation Straight shape may not be useful to those who need much more support Cheer Collection Hypoalergenic Review
California Supply Chains Act Books: Pixar Cars $44.97 See at Wayfair Loading It comes with a detachable pillow for different situations; pregnant women can attach the u-shaped pillow for better back or tummy support, and others can detach the pillow for support of different areas of the body, such as the neck and legs. It can be used to keep you stationary at night, or to allow free movement.
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A typical full length body pillow is straight and can be five to six feet in length and is your own personal, cuddly, sleep buddy.
MiMi Maternity What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Click Here To Buy On Amazon Ease Pain –  The horseshoe form of the pillow will support your back, hip, neck and stomach. Keeping the pillow between your legs and under your neck will help keep your spine in a straight line, this extra support will help ease back pain. It can also help reduces pain in neck, hips, legs, and knees. The Leachco naturally follows the contour and form of your body.
It supports the belly and my hips at the same time Web Producer The Ancient Romans were the first to design low-grade pillows that could be sold to – and used by – everyday citizens. These pillows would be stuffed with reeds, feather, or straw, and they’d be sewn shut by way of a fabric border. Roman citizens would take their pillows with them to daily prayer services, where the pillows would be repurposed as cushioned kneelers.
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Four Cow Farm Calendula Remedy 100gm Exp: 07/20 Child Orch, Yo Innovation, and HealthSpaceZone all recommend this pillow. Reviewers do warn that if you have pets (especially cats that like to knead your pillows with their claws) you may need to give this pillow extra protection.
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COMFORT ME BODY PILLOW This special pregnancy body pillow can replace the need for the multiple pillows people use at night.
******** While you are at it, you might need a brand new crib mattress for your newborn, so check out some of the reviews, your baby will sleep better and so will you.
Just like the C-shaped pregnancy pillow, a U-shaped pillow provides support for the back, legs and the head. See the reviews of the best U-shaped pregnancy pillows
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1. Cooling Fabric A body pillow is designed to offer you all-around comfort and support. It has a larger surface and coverage than the standard pillow and is designed for supporting the back, neck, shoulders and other parts.
This body pillow is filled with Certipur certified Shredded Memory Foam that allows the owner to thin out or fluff the pillow so that they receive the perfect amount of support.
Go to Amazon.com to see all 116 reviews 3.8 out of 5 stars Body pillows also promote muscle relaxation. Whenever the spine is correctly aligned and your leg and arm weight is equally divided, your body breathes better and your blood circulation is enhanced, helping you to relax throughout the entire night.
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Designed for upper body and hip support, the Petite Comfort-U molds to the contours of your body for that extra comfy feel. If you need a more supportive body pillow and the Snuggle-Pedic is unavailable, we also like the Coop Home Goods shredded memory foam pillow. It has a similar shredded memory foam fill, but you can open up the zippered casing to add or remove fill to tailor the firmness to your liking (something we didn’t find with any other pillow). Our testers found this pillow a little thicker, heavier, and less malleable than the Snuggle-Pedic. Removing some of the fill might make this pillow more moldable, but we think you get just the right amount of fill with the Snuggle-Pedic. Our testers also prefered the Snuggle-Pedic’s smoother cover to the more pronounced texture of the Coop Home Goods.
Neat Solutions Pregnancy: It is suitable for a washing machine.

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Around 84% of the buyers who left reviews of the Squishy Deluxe Microbead Body Pillow on Amazon rated it positively. K. Mac spent more than $500 on pillows from Amazon to help achieve comfort pre- and post-surgery. The reviewer found the Squishy Deluxe was the best because of its neck support, and it allows you to lay comfortably in a variety of positions.
This denser pillow is a better choice if you need extra support for your hips, knees, or abdomen. The shredded memory foam fill does a better job at molding to the body to support the areas that need it most.
Lifestyle Polyester and other synthetics are durable and washable, but can be hot. Sorry to ask but are these pillows meant for women only? The Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow was created by a physical therapist. It features a three-piece design that provides you with support in the areas you need it most, including the neck, back, tummy, hip, legs and ankles.
A pregnancy pillow is not just a luxury for pregnant mothers, but a need. It can deliver a wealth of benefits, with the most important of which being its ability to provide the highest level of comfort. With your growing belly, discomfort is one thing that you have to deal with during pregnancy, but such should not be too much of a burden if you are using the right kind of pillow.
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Have you ever felt completely uncomfortable and unable to sleep in the midst of a pregnancy? Of course you did, all of us mothers have! There are many periods of discomfort and inconveniences during pregnancy, but your sleep shouldn’t be one of them. When I first found out about the maternity pillow, I was in awe. How could I not have known about this before? If this is your first time reading up on it and are moderately interested in buying one, don’t even second guess yourself. Owning one of the best pregnancy pillows is absolutely essential because the comfort and support they give you is unmatched.
More from Insider Picks: $49.99$95.99 (48% off) Remember, just because a pregnancy pillow uses natural filling does not necessarily make it organic. March 22, 2017 at 6:02 pm
Due to the smaller size of pregnancy wedge pillows, you will still require a separate pillow for your head to rest on while you sleep. An advantage of the smaller size is that wedge pregnancy pillows are perfect for travelling while pregnant.
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