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U-shaped pillows – If you want full body support while you sleep, you may want to consider getting a U-shaped pillow. These can be used to provide ample support and comfort on both side of your body. You can buy these in all sizes, including large sizes that support you from head to toe.
Aromatherapy Sleep Masks There are specialty pillows—such as a wedge pillow—which is designed to specifically support a particular area in your body, such as your belly bump or lower back, but even without the additional support of specialty pillows, the best pregnancy pillows will likely provide support from your head to your hips.
It’s hard to sleep when you’re pregnant. These pillows are curved at one end and straight at the other (just like the letter J).
$79.99 | 37% off Warranty. The product has a long-term 20-year warranty. Due to their size, body pillows tend to be a bit more expensive than their normal counterparts but you can find relatively cheap options on the market even if you can’t spend too much.
Comfort-U Total Body Support Pillow Spare Case – White 50/50 Poly Blend Exfoliation
Deals We Love: The best deals we can find, sent daily Itzy Ritzy They are big and may come across as bulky Other
SEE ALSO: The best pillows you can buy for your bed See at Walmart Gives great back and hip support relieves some back pain and makes sleep more comfortable.
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Breast Pumps This pillow is low maintenance. You can throw the whole pillow through the wash. Yep, you read that right. When washing time comes simply open the door on your washing machine and toss the whole pillow in. No annoying covers to remove? A winner in my book.
Frequently Asked Questions Vegetable Cleaners Cost. Today’s Mom Cozy Cuddler Pregnancy Pillow (Sky Blue)
Essentially they function as a breakwater- a padded damn between the couples that helps divide them and enable both to get a better night’s rest- one clutching the pillow, while the other spared getting kicked or kneed in the night.
I purchased this product last August 2014. The shipping was so fast after 2 days I received it. A lot of benefits for this pillow: It supports your back, knee/legs and feet. I was 5 months pregnant when I got this and as I grow bigger this really is a must. My legs and thigh are so relaxed when I lay down. But when I reached my 8th and 9th of pregnancy, I felt and thought that this pillow isn’t gonna work for awhile… My tummy was so big and I felt uncomfortable lying on my side hugging this pillow. Make sure you have at least a queen size bed nd better if you have a king size because it takes a lot of space on the bed. My husband can’t even move sometimes because of the space this pillow took since we only have a queen size bed. Now that I gave birth, this December 9th, 2014, this pillow is also good for postpartum. My back has been relieved since taking care of a newborn for the first few months could be so daunting and tiring so again, after pregnancy, you can have all the uses with this pillow that you can think of. Don’t wait till you get bigger when u are pregnant before buying this, I recommend having this pillow in the early pregnancy days and believe me, you can have this and use this pillow forever. Just take good care and handle this pillow with care. The pillow cover is white so be careful with stains. I have to cut the end of the pillowcase because this pillow is so big and long so it makes it harder to put it back on. I cut the end to make an easy opening. And I’ll just use a safety pin to close it. I also wish they made the pillowcase on zippers at the sides. But you can customize it and do whatever you think is easy and comfortable.
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Auto Money Privacy The Snoogle offers excellent back support and can be tucked between your knees to offer lower back pain relief. The pillow also helps keep your head propped up so you can breathe easy at night and avoid having to deal with pregnancy heartburn.
Hollow polyester fiber refill for lightness and comfort 30 to 40 Inches Brand The snuggL Offers the right level of support.
It’s good until you have to take the main white cover off. After that, just throw it would. You will NEVER be able to get it back on!!Read more
847.289.0101 The Only 3 Worth-Your Money Full Body Pillows for Back Pain (2018) The Coop Home Goods Body Pillow is another straight, full-length body pillow that is filled with adjustable shredded memory foam.
What Are Buyers Saying? $79.99 | 56% off Hello. Massage Oil As the name hints, the pillow is wedged underneath you. Below you can see a pregnancy wedge in action; propping up a bulging belly.
Very soft and comfortable. Jill Thompson Questionable durability. The inside lining that holds the stuffing is not the most durable material. This makes washing the case difficult.
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This can be uncomfortable, but with the support of a body pillow, it becomes more comfortable and alleviates pain after sleeping.
2. Safe fabric Cleanser & Toners   Get it now on We would like to give the first recommendation on the Zen Bamboo Body Pillow. This is the filled body pillow that has the total size of 18.1 x 12.3 x 6.3 inches. First and foremost, this pillow is an expert in giving you the comfortable sleep in all the positions. Adding to that, with the nice breathable cover, it will offer you the nice support for your long night. On top of the feature mentioned, if you are concerned about the allergy, fear no more since this product can resist dust and germ well.Please be noted that, this product is washing safe; therefore, you can always get the new-looking pillow. Finally, the company of this product is willing to offer up to a 30-day warranty too.
It sports a 100% Cotton, 230-thread-count zippered pillowcase and is filled with 100% Polyester which makes it machine washable. Overall it measures 20 x 54 inches which should also work for taller people.
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Vehicle Electronics Arthritis in Back Extremely comfortable. Automotive & Car Care I Got An “Invisible Haircut” — & This Is What It Looks Like While there are plenty of positive reviews for this product, the comments of past buyers are not quite as unanimous as they are with some of the other market options. Some users are happy with the comfort, and the way it has helped them sleep, but others express concern about how much filling is included in the product.
Synthetic fills are the most common type. These are usually inexpensive, and offer good support while still being fairly soft, depending on how tightly the pillow is stuffed. Synthetic fills are hypoallergenic and generally washable, but can be hot, and don’t breathe well.
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