1.0 out of 5 starsOne Star 5.0 out of 5 starsBest pillow How a Pregnancy Body Pillow Supports You How to sleep with a pregnancy wedge pillow Best Overall Hammocks Add to Baby Registry Top Rated Pregnancy Pillows $39.95 $99.99 Della Small Compact Portable Washing Machine Washer 11lbs Capacity Top Load Laundry... Hiking Search Groupon Contribute Select Page Sleep Position vs. Pillow Comfort Vi. Stomach Sleepers: Revisions Breathable material $39.72 Snoozer Full Body Pillow starting at $54 Supports your back and lines your spine. Plus Swimwear Organic Fillings These pillows do well as maternity pillows because of how they support and cradle your tummy. Yes, we are currently offering a 30-day free trial. "I have the Leachco Snoogle body pillow. It's huge, and it was worth every cent. I sleep substantially better." I was excited to receive my new pillow but when I opened it I was disappointed to realize that the advertising is deceiving. This is not a solid pillow as the description implies but it is actually a maternity pillow that is three different pieces stuffed into one pillow case. This creates empty space where the 3 pillows meet and I am concerned that these dips will become much more pronounced over time. I definately think that somewhere in the description it should note that this is not in fact one giant U shaped pillow but rather 3 smaller pillows stuffed into one pillow case. Legal | Contact| Privacy Goods › Health & Beauty › Personal Care › Pregnancy & Fertility (179) Name Published 14 days ago Model SD_BODY CustomSleeping Snuggle Full Body Pillow – LUXURY N Squishy with PREMIUM Memory Foam... Best Post Pregnancy Girdles Benefits Of Pregnancy Pillow If unsupported, the following parts of your body may become stiff or sore overnight: Ideally opt for breathable, organic materials that keep you cool at night. CustomSleeping Snuggle Full Body Pillow – LUXURY N Squishy with PREMIUM Memory Foam... 3 / 7 Most Versatile Body Pillow Luggage PharMeDoc Jersey C-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow $39.95 $99.95 The only real downside is that these style of pillows aren’t really consistent between brands and models. There are different sizes, different angles, etc. Most of them should be comfy enough, but it’s hard to recommend a specific one. Published 28 days ago An article from Today.com called the Cozy Bump Maternity Pillow a unique way to try to "relieve lower back pain," while an AllAboutBabysWorld.com article said it can also "alleviate... hip and pelvic pain."

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140 people found this helpful "My husband bought me one that was about 100 bucks, and it was SO worth it. I'm also a tummy sleeper, and this pillow saved me with my last pregnancy. I just took it out of the storage bag this time around. It's the Today's Mom Coolmax Maternity Pillow. It keeps me super cool in the summer months and provides a lot of support for your hips. I usually prop a pillow underneath the top, and then use a pillow for my head, too. I'd recommend spending the money. Good sleep is priceless!" At 60” long and 35” wide, this is a large product that offers complete support for your entire body. If you’re on the short side, you may find yourself completely enveloped in this one. The best pregnancy pillow Watch: Sleeping With A U-Shaped Maternity Pillow Product - Intex Recreation Corp Full Pillow Rest Classic Bed Audiobook Publishing Loft: 8 inches Related Phone & Tablet Accessories Naomi Home believes in quality, and their cozy body pillow spells it out. The pillow is perhaps one of the few pillow featuring a 300 Thread Count 100% Cotton cover as well as 100% Polyester Fiberfill. The pillow offers the level of comfort that few other pillows in its class can match. Apart from helping mothers deal with the discomforts of pregnancy, the pillow can also be used for sports and fitness recuperating. $30.99 3 + 1 = 774 sold Jenelle November 23, 2016 $5 - $10 Best Pregnancy Pillows and How To Choose The Right One Queen Rose U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow Review Total body pregnancy pillows are available in two different styles: The Bachelor 124+ sold Composition. For some sleepers, the stuffing inside the pillow might be too less. Best Memory Foam Pregnancy Pillow  $84.99 Watch Size: 36 x 22 x 13 inches Today, a pregnancy pillow is no longer a luxury for expectant women but an essential need. It helps in reducing stress on the belly, which is quite beneficial to both the mother and the baby. With a pregnancy pillow on your bed, you’ll enjoy relaxed mornings with reduced incidences of pain and discomfort. However, since the purpose of this pillow is to give you stability, it gets the job done. Prenatal Vitamins What type of support will the pillow provide? – Full body support? Back? Neck? Shoulders? Leachco Body Bumper Best Organic Pregnancy Pillow Watch: Sleeping With A U-Shaped Maternity Pillow The AllerEase Cotton Hypoallergenic features a useful barrier against pet dander and other particles that will keep irritating allergens from making their way into the interior of its build, allowing you to simply wash its cover and enjoy an evening of symptom-free rest. 10% If your feet hurt, you should get yourself some good pregnancy shoes, too. I have a guide for that, too! It offers full body support and molds to your body’s own unique shape. Use it for added support when watching TV, or cuddle it at night for complete side support. The Snoogle offers excellent back support and can be tucked between your knees to offer lower back pain relief. The pillow also helps keep your head propped up so you can breathe easy at night and avoid having to deal with pregnancy heartburn. Comment (561) All-around support. Because the point of using a dedicated pregnancy pillow is to avoid having to build a pillow fort to get comfortable, we narrowed our list of pillows to shapes that offer support for most or all of the target areas our experts identified. Supports only a small section, therefore, you may need separate pillows 1.2 2. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow – Best for Sensitive and Highly Allergic Moms Pregnancy pillows come in different shapes and sizes. They are designed to meet different needs of all types of pregnant women. The pillows are also very economical which is why every expectant mother should have one. Pregnancy pillows often try and accommodate much of what is described above by giving you a versatile product that can be used to help you get more comfortable with your changing stages of pregnancy. Your pillow choices are already an important consideration to support your overall health, and this is even more so when pregnant. Gifts Under $20 BEST MATTRESS PROTECTOR Just because you are a little on the shorter side doesn’t mean that you cannot have a comfortable night sleep while pregnant. While using a larger pregnancy pillow is not a problem, many petite women prefer a pillow that they will not swim in. Popular petite sized pregnancy pillows include the Leahco Snoogle Mini Compact and the Petite Total Body Pillow Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Author 5 Really Good Quality Sleeping Pillows written by Sara Coughlin PharMeDoc Full Body Five-day service guarantee Back when I was a ballet dancer, wearing pointe shoes all day would do a number on my feet. Each blister that sprouted on my toes or heels became a View all Body Pillow For those who find plush down pillows to be rather pricey, these pillows offer a more affordable alternative. They are filled with shredded memory foam that makes it easy for the users to adjust the loft and shape of the pillow to suit their needs. The shredded foam also allows for air to circulate freely within the pillow making it effective at thermo-regulating. It is effective at offering support, especially to side sleepers. 4.3 out of 5 stars Video Content The design may prevent additional problems like heartburn, nasal congestion and carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy. Apart from body pillows, Leachco also manufactures belly and snoogle pillows. Perhaps what sets the company apart from its competitors the ability to pay attention to every little detail efficiently producing top of the range pillows. 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