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An easy-to-remove zipper cover is incorporated in the design to facilitate cleaning. Not as large as some other pregnancy pillows Side Snuggler Body Pillow – Side Sleeping Comfort Support Pillow
4 reviews What parts of you hurt when you wake up? Air Purifier Accessories However, not all the maternity pillows available in the market are made in the same manner. Some are straight, some are circular and some other has U-shape as well. And each of these has their own reasons for being so. With all these options available, the choice should be real tough. But don’t give up yet!
10. Pinzon P031 At 5’11” the trick to using this pillow is to flip it around the other way. Use a regular pillow for your head and put the “J” part down near your knees/shins. Since I got this body pillow & stopped struggling with my “pillow fortress” of 3-4 individual ones, I’ve been sleeping better with less pain in my hips and shoulders. Here’s what I like about this pillow. 1) It takes up less room than regular pillows (it’s skinnier) which is important for side-sleeping in a queen sized bed with a partner. 2) It’s easy to move so you can actually roll over with it in place to switch between left & right sides. 3) Using it “J” down as I do, you can adjust up & down to provide more pillow up by your shoulders/chest or down by your legs. 4) Since it’s aligned with your body, you can stretch out one leg or the other without losing contact with the pillow around your hips/thighs. As a follow on comment, I’ve found that as I progress through pregnancy, the pillow I need for my head changes – I’m using 2 now because of acid-reflux – so I’d be “J” down anyways, even if I weren’t tall. (Bought at 28 weeks, now at 33 weeks… wish I’d had it starting around 24 weeks).
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3. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow *Newsletters are sent bi-monthly $15 from Amazon You can use a pregnancy pillow after at least two months of pregnancy. Due to the expandation of belly, you will need extra support after 2-3 months of pregnancy. To avoid sleeping disorders you should use it from early pregnancy level.
A common complaint is that pregnancy pillows hog too much bed space. Hips, back, neck and tummy • It promotes healthy blood circulation by supporting the head, neck, and back
Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Maternity Pillow J-shaped 6 pounds No repositioning during the night—simply turn from side to side
Read on for our full roundup of the top-rated body pillows of the year. It requires a big space and may inconvenience the person you are sleeping with

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Comfort Fit Body Pillow

The Company Store’s Down-Free Fill Body Pillow was the cushiest, most comfortable body pillow we tested. It’s ideal if you like to hug a pillow at night and need only mild to medium support for your shoulders, hips, and ankles. The down-alternative fill is light and springy with medium resistance, so it felt nicely squishy but didn’t collapse like other pillows we tried. It was also more flexible and malleable than the competition, letting stomach- and side-sleepers bend the pillow with their bodies. At 72 inches, it’s 18 inches longer than most of the other pillows we tested, so it can easily accommodate tall sleepers. The all-cotton cover feels softer and smoother than any other pillow we tried, and the pillow comes with a lifetime guarantee.
This snoogle is a good choice for women who need lighter support than a full body pillow but still needs something to help their aches and pains. It is a great choice for those who want a cushion that is still useful once the pregnancy ends.
Perfect sleeping and sitting aid for my pregnant wife Rebecca Malachi For those who prefer to keep their standard pillows, most U-shaped body pillows can be turned upside down. You can then use its built-in head support to elevate your feet. Most U-shaped body pillows are also suitable for use during nursing.
resists dust mites This Orthopedic Knee Pillow is the ultimate solution for sciatica relief, leg pain, hip and joint pain during pregnancy. Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow Funny Videos 5.0 out of 5 starsIt’s big it’s comfortable perfect for me as I have siatica and snore …
Ashlyn Harris At the reasonable price the Snoogle offers great value and already made countless customers happy. Holds its shape, and won’t clump or flatten over time Some body pillows are shaped like an oversized U, others are look like a giant candy cane (that’s how I see it anyway…) and some are rectangle shaped.
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Fun stories for Restless Leg Syndrome – Tuck the pillow between your legs as you sleep. Also, whenever possible, sleep on the side. Take lots of magnesium supplements as well.
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SKU: MSBP-BOLCSW a little stiffer than other models Canada Beneath your tummy: It supports the growing tummy, thereby keeping the weight from causing discomfort to your hips and back.
Buyer’s Guide Cover is machine-washable Researchers from Britain’s Ministry of Defence found a way to help soldiers stay awake for 36 hours. Thanks to tiny optical fibers inserted into the glasses, soldiers see bright white light identical to sun rays. Thus, the brain receives “a message” that it’s necessary to stay awake.
Camping & Hiking Dog Multi-function pillow is excellent during pregnancy, for breastfeeding, post surgery and more Size: Synthetic Down|Verified Purchase About Heidi Murkoff
& Celebrities Shopbop IndusInd Bank The cover has an unusual construction: Instead of having two seams that run down either side of the pillow, one of the seams “twists,” starting at the corner but ending up at the center of the pillow. The company told us this is intentional and makes the pillow more flexible and conforming; we didn’t notice any difference in performance directly due to this.
There is a wide variety of pregnancy pillows’ shapes and sizes. Some are specifically designed to relieve pressure on certain parts of your body such as the legs, back, neck, or your belly. Relieve of pressure reduces the pains that are experienced during pregnancy as a result of an accumulation of pressure.
The pillow is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. Supportive. Compared to the Snuggle Pedic this pillow is less dense making it feel more supportive for the body.  March 6, 2017
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