Smartoo LLC (141) Leachco (63) Deluxe Comfort (42) Babymoov (23) Today's Mom (23) MORE + The key features are: Sarah Read Our Review The approx. 6” thick pillow is a china import which explains its budget-friendly price. If you want the extra support but stay cool and comfortable then this pillow can help you with that. Doctors developed this U shaped full body pillow to: Model PP-G01 Alwyn Home Bed Rest Pillow ANEW1168 Color: Pink OWNERS Pegasus Below is an example of how you would use a U shaped pregnancy pillow to get comfortable. The Snuggle-Pedic is thicker and denser than the Company Store pillow; one of our testers, a stomach-sleeper, felt the pillow’s height would give her a stiff neck in the morning. At 7.3 pounds, it’s about twice as heavy as the Company Store pillow and the other down-alternative pillows we tested, which is a quality of all shredded memory foam pillows. Several of our testers remarked that the Snuggle-Pedic’s heft makes it harder to move around the bed or to different rooms. And like all shredded memory foam pillows, the Snuggle-Pedic will feel a bit lumpy, which can take some getting used to and may not suit all sleepers. Shape: C-shape Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table: Will It Fix Your Back? Assuming you own a pet, you may need to determine whether that pet should have access to the body pillow on a day-to-day basis. Dogs may claim the pillow altogether, and cats may treat the pillow like a post. Either way, the pillow's fabric could get compromised, or its liner could get racked with mounting clumps of fur. Deliver to United States Peter Grickej, July 30, 2014 The Leachco Snoogle Chic Supreme maternity pillow gives expecting moms the support where they need it the most. Shaped like the letter C, it has a curved top for resting your head, an extra-long middle to support your back or belly, and a slightly less curved bottom for tucking between your legs to ease the pressure on your hips. The pillow covers are designed in cotton to help you keep your cool when you’re all cozied up and zip off for a quick cleaning in the washing machine. It can be tricky to get the cover back on, but it’s worth it to get the benefits of the elongated design. Even after you give birth, the Snoogle will come in handy, with some moms loving it during their recovery periods and others raving about its ability to do double-duty with older babies, supporting them during bottle-feeding.  Discount Exclusions Note: If you are looking for 100% cotton cover – this Snoogle model comes with 100% natural and organic cotton cover. Comes with alternate covers Runner-up: Coop Home Goods Body Pillow The audio is poor or missing OWNERS Density: Firm Best Multi-Purpose Pregnancy-to-Nursing Pillow August 4, 2017 Like the previous pregnancy pillow by Leachco, this one is also made right here in the USA. Maternity At Home Copyright © 2018. Hypoallergenic fiber filling prevents allergic reactions and side effects Prime belly support, allowing you to rest your tummy and make your baby feel comfortable too The filling is made with a Bionic Polyethylene material, and it offers a wide density with maximum comfort. It is not a firm pillow at all, so keep that in mind if that is what you are looking for. It comes with various colors as well, so if that matters to you then it is a nice added bonus. The price is decent and it falls as a nice middle ground for the rest of the top 5 pillows covered here. Store Is Sleeping Naked Good For You? Experts Agree On These 5 Things It has specifically designed inner curves which allow the pillow to wrap around on either side of you, providing support to both your back and your belly at the same time. Amazon Associates We hope this guide has helped you make a wiser decision about the best body pillow for back pain. Waking with pain – You experience pelvic pain, hip pain, lower back pain when you awake in the morning. Keane says Share on Facebook Lightweight and easy to travel with Infant Toys (0-12M) 8 Body Pillows For The Support — & Cuddles — You Deserve Though the Company Store pillow offered the right amount of support for most of our testers, some found it too soft. One tester, a side-sleeper, said it was “too squishy.” Another, usually a back-sleeper, commented that it offered “no support for my hips.” We didn’t end up recommending the Company Store pillow in our pregnancy pillows guide for this reason—the pillow is too soft to work well for many pregnant people, who need extra support for the hips, knees, and belly. If you know you need a very supportive body pillow, especially for your hips and knees, we think you should try the Snuggle-Pedic Memory Foam Body Pillow. Natur-a Miscellaneous Amazon Devices Dries Van Noten search Furthermore, you can use the pillow as a feeding or nursing pillow. The product comes in with lifetime warranty. Kaylyn I’ve been self-employed for almost four years and I would not change it for anything! I believe that anyone can achieve their goals with the right attitude and determination. BreathableBaby Another interesting experience we heard about was that people who are restless sleepers, their partners have benefited from their use of these body-conforming pillows. Jewelry Posture Pump VS Inversion Table – What’s Better for YOU? Ask A Question Playards & Travel Cribs BEST FOR Which Essential Oils Are Good for Back Pain? Elsewhere In This Report Read More Look who has bought a Moonlight Slumber product for their little dreamer! Buy it: Organic Body Pillow, $248, A dimension of 56 x 9 x 32 inches Mothership 2. Resistant to re-positioning • Do you like firm foam or a softer fill? What’s going to feel best against your back or bump? If you’re picky about firmness, or the feel of the fabric is important to you, pay extra attention to find a pregnancy pillow that meets these needs. Scholarship Program I sleep okay, so why need a body pillow? "The Most Important Pregnancy Decisions You'll Have to Make"

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Portable Potty A custom fit that goes with your every movement side to side Pet Feeding Supplies Related posts: BioCair The pillow, however, is rather soft and comfortable and does keep its shape well. While it does have a larger surface area, we’d only wish it was a little bit thicker, just for extra comfort. Full Body Pregnancy Pillow|Get Reliable Info Here Full Body Pregnancy Pillow|Get Reliable Solutions Here Full Body Pregnancy Pillow|Great Resource Available Here
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